Blade The Cat
Homeworld Earth
Species Cat
Size Small


Occupation Technology Scientist
Proficiency Perfect
Timezone 2014
Appearances TimeSplitters: Clash Of The World
Half-Life 2 Fanon

Blade (Formerly Lucky) is a black cat with purple eyes who lives on the earth and he is a technology scientist.

Blade's Info

Blade is a very intelligent cat since he knows a lot about creatures, technologies and more computer stuffs. That's how he became a technology scientist which it matches for him. Actually, he was once Nathan Ryan's pet whom called Blade "Lucky" since Nathan has sent a photo, of course a black and white photo of Blade to the newspaper. It was been few months since Blade is still missing but he is no longer to be Nathan's pet since his ex-owner thought he was probably dead.

TimeSplitters: Clash Of The World Appearance

He made his first appearance in TS: COTW as a Saturn Marine member and technology scientist, he is working alongside Firestrike the Delphox and also he is with his family, The Ryan Family. He can be asked for some questions about searching for unseen creatures and more. He is sometimes being offended by Txewi Citizens because they didn't believe about a cat working for computers but Blade didn't trust them though, Txewi Citizens can be very dumb most of the times.

Half-Life 2 Fanon Appearance

And then, he made his appearance in Half-Life 2 Fanon. Of course, he's still a technology scientist. He was seen in "Lost Pets" on the newspaper, it was read by Rene. Then later, when Rene arrived somewhere inside of the tunnel outside of the canals. Blade was hiding inside of the airboat but a Vortigaunt didn't see him while setting up a pulse cannon for the airboat. Then one day later, Blade was mentioned by Daniel then he jumped out of nowhere and scared Rene and others. Which it made Daniel very shocked since he said something magical, probably he used Blade's formerly name. And, a week later... the citadel building was destroyed by Gordon Freeman then one of the rebels asked Blade if he wanted to join Resistance then he accepted it. He is now working for science and technologies.

While still being a Resistance member, he is being very happy and enjoyable and he made some of few friends. Before making new friends, Blade and Rene is now best friends since they played and played a lot since Blade's a cat and he's playful most of the times. Also later, a medic man broke in Laboratory and tried to steal some stuffs and Blade has stopped him. Though, there is a shocking news between the man and Blade, the man introduced himself... Nathan Ryan! Blade felt mad since Nathan doesn't have a chance to find him when Blade was missing. However two women walked over to Nathan, it was his family. The wife, Erlene Ryan had a little private chat with Nathan for few minutes. Though Nathan and Erlene was done chatting then their daughter, Keitha asked Blade if he wants to be a part of the family again but it made Blade feels more irritated then few minutes later, he's back to normal and he accepted it since he gave it another chance to be a part of the family again though Blade and his family will stay in Laboratory and will be still a Resistance member forever.


Blade is very intelligent and friendly. He is often short-tempered, his anger feelings can mess up sometimes. Yet, he is very quiet but can't stop loving to social with Resistance members. He loves getting attention as well and he really loves when being held by someone else. Also, he can be socially awkward sometimes.


  • His former name is somewhat mentioned by the female rebel when she spoke to Gordon and Rene: "If you see Lucky, make sure to tell him that I am a biggest fan of black cats!"
  • He loves oatmeal and regular cookies.
  • His both names can be used by Resistance members if they are preferred Blade or Lucky.
  • When Blade's in the battle especially Zombie Survival RPs, a dramatric battle music will play "Calling To The Night" from Metal Gear Solid.

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