Firestrike The Delphox
Homeworld Earth
Species Fox
Size Normal


Occupation None
Proficiency Very Good
Timezone 2014
Appearances Half-Life 2 Fanon
Firestrike is a Fire and Physic Type Delphox who lives on the earth and also he is now appeared in Half-Life 2 Fanon. This character is made by BrissaTheFox.
"I'm... I'm new here. My name's Firestrike and it's pleasure to meet you."

Firestrike's Info

Firestrike made his first appearance in Garry's Mod game and of course, Half-Life 2 Fanon. However he was being bit socially awkward since he wandered around in gm_construct_12 map and definitely saw a lot of people. He tried to make friends with them but he comes off pretty awkward since he acted like a lion. He's totally not so great at impressing anyone then few minutes later, everyone likes him now. One day later, he explored a few of maps and he loves exploring around.


  • Be chased by Antlion Guards: He loves to be chased by Antlion Guards but sometimes he thinks it's too tiring to play. But he is definitely like Rene and as well Renamon. He wants to become a Antlion Tamer one day because it's really fun to be chased at.
  • Exploring: Lots and lots of maps.
  • Hanging Out: Hanging out is not that bad. It's fun to hang out with his new friends!
  • Building: He's a novice builder but he still loves building.
  • Fighting: He likes to fight against Combine Soldiers sometimes.


  • Combine!: Yeah, they can be pain in the butt.
  • Being Socially Awkward: Making new friends can be so hard... but Firestrike can try his best!
  • Zombies?: He don't see them... yet. Except he saw a fast zombie.
  • Combine Synths: Too many Hunters... too many Striders... too many Soldiers... too many Gunships...


Firestrike appears to be friendly and calm but he can be bit serious sometimes. He is also socially awkward because it's bit hard to meet new people.

  • Friendly: A really, really friendly fellow.
  • Calm: He's so very calm. These things never get too frantically.
  • Serious: Can be bit serious sometimes, especially for showing his only serious facial expression and battle against Combines in serious battles.
  • Caring: He does care about his friends and of course, people too!
  • Adventurous: He really, really loves to explore! Sometimes he thinks the world can be bit strange...
  • Charming: He can be little flirty but worth charming!
  • Protective: Always protect his friends from enemies no matter what!
  • Socially Awkward: He don't like to be awkward but he knows that he can try his best to make new friends!

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