As Wikia grows, so does it's communities, some blossom and remain like that for a very long time, others die a few years after a few years, two Wikis featured in this article are either near death or are already dead, the first community is White Wolf's Story Wiki, a noble and fun Wiki, once thriving with lots of users, but as the years went by, users left and didn't visit from weeks, to months to years, and today WWS is a dead and barren wasteland of a community, the Faith of the community, along with the site itself, is a barren wasteland waiting to be adopted by a much better, caring and responsible user, or a new user will come along and make new articles or new blogs and such to liven the wiki up.

One way a wiki can survive is by 2 choices, 1 getting new users, 2 trying to get previous users to return, which is harder than said and done. But most users who have moved on are impossible to get back, all due to either finding a better site, a more fun place or is no longer active on the internet itself, thus recruiting new members may be a priority.

There two ways to keep a wiki alive and active, 1 have active users who are constantly active, 2 a place for users to come to and chat all at once, and that is where Wiki Chat comes in, users who can chat, may find it easy to come on the chat and speak and meet new users or already members of the community, if users cannot get on chat, you can simply message a user you wish to talk to, on their message wall or talk page.

Faith of a Community depends on how many people are on and how they get along with each other and how they get along with it's authority figures, such as Chat Moderators, Admins and it's Founder, if users have disagreements with an admin or mod, best way to resolve the issue is by talking things through and coming to an understanding and an agreement.

As the such state of WWS, it is dead or practically dead, and the founder is either bored of the Wiki, or has no other reason to come on. There is a way to fix this, one is to keep current users if there are any left, happy, fun and enjoyable, as well as share a link to this or any other wiki you enjoy, on your profile, that way users may enter and experience another Wiki they have not been on before. New Users can given a good experience when they first come on the Wiki, best way to keep users and the founder and admins and the community happy, is to communicate, have fun and enjoy one another's company and the activities you do with your fellow users.

If trouble arises, keep a calm mind and a cool head, speak calmly to the situation and help best to help bring the peace back to the Wiki and the community, so best not let a Wikia Community or it's Faith die and become an abandoned site, a abandoned site is a sad site. Please keep eyes open for new updates of this or any other new articles related to this one.

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