Janet Lentz
Janet Lentz
Homeworld Earth
Species Human
Size Normal


Occupation Medic
Proficiency Perfect
Timezone 2014
Appearances Half-Life 2 Fanon

Janet is a female rebel who lives on the earth. This character is made by BrissaTheFox.

"Follow me right away!"
Janet Lentz

Janet's Info

Janet was once a medic years ago but she is totally now a rebel, she will keep giving medkits to anyone who's hurt. She was used to married her ex-husband, Todd Meadows but she divorced him for hurting Janet too much and at least she has moved on though she have her family and a lot of friends who's always there for her. Janet lives in White Forest Base with her family, friends and a few of resistance members.

Half-Life 2 Fanon Appearance

Janet made her appearance in Half-Life 2 Fanon. She has appeared in White Forest Base along with Barney Calhoun and her best friend, Karolyn Meadows. (Todd Meadows' young sister.) Janet and Barney were playing Chess since Karolyn's watching them play until then Dr. Arne Magnusson started to interrupt them from his announcement about Antlions. It really annoyed Janet about antlions but she knows how to fight them off independently then Arne has stopped talking about Antlions and changed the topic about fun things and everyone was relieved. Janet was bit worried there for a minute and she knows Arne was joking about Antlions but that doctor can be so annoying sometimes, like somewhat bit similar to Odessa Cubbage.


Janet is a fun-loving, caring, playful, sweet, calm and shy woman. But she can be little hot-headed when bad things happens and especially enemies. She can be anxious most of the times.

  • Fun Loving: She loves to have fun with her family or friends, when she haves too much fun then she will become hyper.
  • Caring: She does care about her family and friends. Of course, she cares about the people too, like Gordon Freeman. And she can take care of people if they're sick or hurt.
  • Playful: She loves to play some games, sports and few of things that she can play. She surely loves to play a lot.
  • Sweet: Very, very sweet woman.
  • Calm: She is a calm woman and of course, she loves being calm. Sometimes things will make her go crazy. but she can be calmed by herself or be calmed by someone else.
  • Shy: She is quite a shy woman and she always takes her time to get know with new people.
  • Hot-Headed: If bad things happen then it will make her feel little hot-headed.
  • Anxious: She is sometimes worried about her friends and family especially if they're in the danger. She is almost afraid of everything except antlions (She isn't afraid of Antlions.) But Zombies, Striders and Hunters is Janet's fear.


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