Japanese Gangs and Splitters
Japanese Gangs and Splitters
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Wild Parties
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Chinese
Character Chinese Chef
Enemies Encountered Blue - Sadako
Barby Gimp
Yellow - Drone Splitter
Baby Drone
Rewards None
Medal Requirements 20 Kills - No Medals Needed
Japanese Gangs and Splitters is a Wild Parties Arcade Custom Team Deathmatch at the Chinese.


Chinese Chef, Mischief, Lt. Wild and Gingerbread Man is having fun together at the Chinese but something happened...Those Drone Splitters and Japanese Gangs decides to come and starting to destroy Chinese Chef's beautiful place! Your red team will able to help you out.


You have to look for Tommy Gun (x2) or Shotgun, it may be here at anywhere in Chinese. Drone Splitter looks tough, don't worry about it.


1. Scifi Handgun

2. Remote Mine

3. Vintage Rifle

4. Shotgun

5. Tommy Gun (x2)


Red Team - Chinese Chef, Mischief, Gingerbread Man and Lt. Wild

Blue Team - Sadako, Barby Gimp, Milkbaby and Krayola

Yellow Team - Drone Splitter and Baby Drone

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