Karolyn Meadows
Karolyn Meadows Portrait
Homeworld Earth
Species Human
Size Normal


Occupation Medic
Proficiency Perfect
Timezone 2014
Appearances Half-Life 2 Fanon
Karolyn is a female medic who lives on the earth. This character is made by BrissaTheFox.
"Whatever you say, just get in the elevator you slowpoke!"
Karolyn Meadows

Karolyn's Info

She is the younger daughter of Karena Meadows' and younger sister of Todd Meadows'. Back in City 17, she was once a citizen along with her best friend, Janet Lentz. They have became medics since they figured these citizens got hurt since City 17 got destroyed by Combines. Few weeks later, Karolyn, Janet and others has finally escaped from City 17 and lived in White Forest along with the people happily and ever.

Half-Life 2 Fanon Appearance

She made her first appearance in Rene's Adventure Story but there is not much information about her appearance.


Karolyn seems as a friendly and nice woman. Also, she is pretty anxious and afraid of everything somehow she have some similar traits to Janet but different.

  • Calm: Karolyn is a very calm woman. She usually freaks out about something else but she will calm herself pretty quick.
  • Friendly: Karolyn is really friendly! She can get along with others but sometimes she's afraid to get along with them if they are mean-spirited.
  • Sweet: Same as Janet since she is very, very sweet too.
  • Caring: Same as Janet because Karolyn does care about the people too.
  • Sweet Tempered: Not easily irritated. She seems very, very sweet!
  • Sensitive: She is a very sensitive woman but she don't like to be offended and seeing too much bloods.
  • Understanding: She can understand about how people feels, being busy and more.
  • Anxious: She's afraid of everything and she always worry about her friends and other people. Karolyn gets scared easily.
  • Protective: She likes to protect her friends. It doesn't matter if she's scared but she still can protect.


To be added soon.

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