Leo Krupps

Species: Animal

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Relations: Lieutenant Black (Mother)
White Wolf (Best friend)
Sister Faith (Aunt)
Nurse Gulag (Best friend)
Corporal Hart (Wife)
Neophyte Constance (Best friend)
Candi Skyler (Best friend)
Insetick SK/10 (Brother)
Angel Forge (Best friend)
Black Lion Krupps (Father)
Goddard (Friend)
Riot Officer (Best friend)
Starla McStar (Cousin)
Landon McStar (Cousin)
Ringmistress (Best friend)
Lady Jane (Best friend)
Lola Varuska (Best friend)
Amy Chen (Best friend)
Private Jones (Best friend)
Elite Henchwoman (Best friend)
Lieutenant Bush (Adoptive mother)
Private Grass (Good friend)
Lieutenant Shade (Best friend)

TSFP Leo Krupps Small Leo Krupps Star 6
Unlock Default
Gallery Leo's a lion and he hates to having a hard time.
Gesture Moving Plasma AutoRifle around and says "It's Time To Charge!"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
6/8 4/8 5/8 2/8
Leo is a lion and he was born on July 27. He always being happy and silly but sometimes he feels depressed. So Leo was 11 years old, he was adopted by Lieutenant Bush because he's mad at Lieutenant Black so later, he becomes 12 and he decided to kill John. Leo is confused of that he have two moms. His father, Black Lion Krupps says "Doesn't matter, you can have two mothers." So, he can visit his adoptive mom, Lt. Bush anytime.

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