Party Crasher
Party Crasher
Game TimeSplitters 2
Section Wild Parties
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Hangar
Character Khallos
Enemies Encountered Blue - Kitten Celeste
Female Trooper
Ilsa Nadir
Lt. Frost
Lt. Shade
Rewards None
Medal Requirements 20 Kills - No Medals Needed
Party Crasher is a Wild Parties Arcade Custom Team Deathmatch at the Hangar.


Khallos is having a good time by himself alone at Hangar but the girls came and started crashing. Khallos isn't too happy, stop those ladies and win for 20 points!


Plasma Autorifle is good, you can shoot plasma grenades very easily. Maybe Rocket Launcher should probably help to make it quicker.


1. Luger Pistol

2. Flamethrower

3. Tactical 12-Gauge

4. Plasma Autorifle

5. Rocket Launcher


Red Team - Khallos

Blue Team - Ilsa Nadir, Kitten Celeste, Female Trooper, Lt. Frost and Lt. Shade

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