White Wolf McStar
White Wolf looking at

Species: Animal

Sex: Male

Size: Normal

Relations: Sister Faith (Ex wife)
Leo Krupps-Black (Best friend)
Lieutenant Black (Best friend)
Nurse Gulag (Friend)
Neophyte Constance (Friend)
Candi Skyler (Friend)
Insetick SK/10 (Brother)
Corporal Hart (Best friend)
Angel Forge (Friend)
Black Lion Krupps (Best friend forever)
Riot Officer (Friend)
Starla McStar (Daughter)
Landon McStar (Son)
Shadow Wolf (Brother)
Amy Chen (Friend)
Private Jones (Friend)
Elite Henchwoman (Friend)

TSFP White Wolf Small White Wolf McStar Star 5
Unlock Default
Gallery White Wolf McStar is a hero, he saves everything. Beware, he will give you a pumpkin bomb.
Gesture Sits on the floor and says "I'm not ready...Oh wait, nevermind - let's go!"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
8/8 2/8 5/8 2/8
White Wolf is a arctic wolf, he was born on June 25. His age is unknown but he's young. Right now, he has lost his left eye because he got in fight with another wolf. His left eye is now red and he have a few of scars. He is no longer to being friendly, his mood turned into anger that it caused by the wolf but still, he have to be careful because he don't want to hurt his friends and family's feeling. Which means his left eye is making him restart his life, he is little bit afraid and he didn't want to restart his life. He remembers his memory of that he met Levi and Space Marine Team. White Wolf is having a hard time and trying to do something then his left eye is back to normal, he's no longer to be anger, White Wolf feels normal for good.

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