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Welcome to the White Wolf's Story Wiki

Welcome to White Wolf's Story! This wiki is semi-active however the story is no longer to be continued but you are welcome to visit and you can come and join us for a chat though!


Since you came to visit this wiki, please go to read: White Wolf Wiki Protocol. Thank you.

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  • discussion page Dead Wiki
    comment by GD Ghost
    Nikolai Banks

    Nikolai Banks

    GD Ghost wrote:I just wanted to check it out and see if anything at all happened. But it looks like nothing did. Btw, I'm Duckman Drake and I... 

    GD Ghost

    GD Ghost

    I'm not stalking you, I think that would be really weird. I am just a fellow brony and wanted to check out the wiki, I never thought I'd ... 

  • discussion page Talk:How Faith of a Community Die's
    new comment by GD Ghost
    Comment: And I'm still here, it's me, Duckman Drake. Sticking around until the end. Or is it already here?

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